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Product innovation

Fortune 500 companies and challenger brands alike rely on NYC based Makeable for digital agency services, innovation consulting, user experience design, mobile app development, physical-digital product development, product design, collaboration and invention. We’ve created the world's first 3D Printed Selfie for UNIQLO, world's first made-for-the-internet entertainment property for Simon Fuller, a new pasta sauce for Progresso, the weather app you use every day for The Weather Channel and even a basketball that tweets for the NY Knicks.

Disruptive innovation with commercial impact. No wonder we were voted a best digital agency in New York by Awwwards.

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Client List

AmericaExpress - inactive

Since 2009, American Express has come to Makeable for design & development of their next generation of products, services, brands and programs. From communities of commerce, to digital payment platforms, to membership rewards, we’ve helped the world’s leader in financial services innovation and customer service stay there.

The Weather Channel - inactive

Since 2013 Makeable has been tasked with design and leadership work across a number of new product development initiatives for The Weather Channel. We are connecting design to data with a focus on creating greater value for mobile, mobile web, on-line and on-air fans. Our client/agency hybrid approach is at work here powering a productive agile process.

hachette - inactive

We began working with this global publishing company in 2011 to reimagine the iconic Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations as a product remade for digital and social engagement. From design to launch, we collaborated with Hachette to bring Bartlett’s to life as the friendly, fun and credible app for all things quotable.

19 - inactive

Creating a bespoke entertainment property with the creator of American Idol wasn’t easy, but it certainly was energizing. We imagined, designed, built and launched the internet’s first 24/7, live reality 19 Entertainment experience, fully integrated with social media, Hulu, and a next generation digital advertising platform.

GeneralMills - inactive

The General Mills innovation team engaged us in 2011 to create, develop and launch a product innovation for Progresso, bringing an exciting, social experience to a sleepy category. Working across product, marketing, brand and sales teams, we conceived and brought the “Idea Pantry” to life for a successful market test and roll out.

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Business innovation

Some of the word's largest companies as well as growth-minded entrepreneurs come to Makeable for strategic guidance, digital opportunity analysis, prototyping, design and development of their most pressing digital business innovation needs. From our TriBeCa, NYC based studio we've created a make-to-measure digital dress company, a disruptive yoga apparel company, an alternative auto insurance company, and trail-blazed new markets in digital publishing - all with digital business strategies at the center. This isn't just Digital Agency services. This is Digital Innovation for commercial impact.

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Client List

Tegu - inactive

We’re a true believer the business of social good, and that’s exactly why we partnered with and invested in Tegu Toys. Working with the founders to empower the launch of Tegu’s magical, magnetic, wooden blocks was a labor of love, design, sweat, technology, tears and outright invention. Bringing joy to families and children, and support to Honduras, was truly a gift.

Pearson - inactive

We began working with the world’s leading learning company in 2009, collaborating with the Pearson venture group in product development. Next, we engaged to provide disruptive insight in digital publishing. Currently, we’re working with Penguin Random House to create new international ecommerce models.

Piol - inactive

We have been collaborating with the founder of Piol Dress company since 2012 to design, develop and launch a new product, brand and business in direct-to-consumer fashion retail. Piol Dress is custom built to disrupt the industry by connecting design and technology to empower women to create a truly custom product that’s “Make to Measure."

Smoga - inactive

We’re an entrepreneurial partner, an early stage investor and all out innovation resource for the new yoga business, YOGASMOGA. A brand designed to take on the industry in a new way “One breath at a time.” Marrying authenticity with innovation and design with technology are the key drivers of our collaboration and work together.

Trivergance - inactive

In 2012 we began working with this venture capital firm to invent new businesses and products ranging from new models in auto insurance, to new technologies and services in automotive intelligence. Our mission with Trivergance is to accelerate design-led digital product launches for mass market entry with the likes of Walmart and beyond.

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Brand innovation

When your Madison Avenue digital agency isn't cutting it, where do you turn? (Hint, the answer isn't another digital agency). Global brands and challengers alike rely on Makeable for disruptive digital branding and digital marketing so unique it can only be called innovation. We created a physical-digital meets social museum installation for MoMA, a digital art project and social media sensation for Coach, a completely new space and growth opportunity for Sephora, and a multi-user live microphone on the internet for Avon and Fergie.

open clients list

Client List


What does one part Digital Strategy, one part Social Media, one part Illustration, two parts UX Design and a whole bunch of music from one of the year's most buzzed-about acts get you? Something Dangerous! Inspired by a desire to take a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the web's biggest names Makeable and Big Data dropped a little Unconventional Wisdom on the interwebs.

Moma- inactive

To this day one of the largest and most impactful physical-digital installations in the world, I Went To MoMA And... is inspirational to everyone we tell the story to. Driven by the user's creative spirt and personal expression Makeable united design and technology to bring the MoMA experience to life inside and outside the hallowed walls of this iconic, cultural institution.

Avon - inactive

Since 2011, "the world’s oldest influencer network” has tapped Makeable for digital agency services to bring social media, content and disruptive digital strategy into their marketing activities and operations. Our collaboration has put digital innovation in the form of design and technology in the hands of 7 million Avon representatives, globally.

coach - inactive

Since 2010, we’ve worked with Coach to put digital and social technology at the heart of their brand experience. From launching a new product line to a new generation of Coach fans to positioning their core portfolio and re-enfranchising men, our projects have reached over 75 million people while helping Coach remain at the forefront of marketing innovation.

dyson - inactive

There are few agency relationships where “Wrong Thinking” is the mission and mantra, but our friends at Dyson are the true exception. Whether working on the global digital launch of the world’s first and only bladeless fan, or helping drive ecommerce sales in their increasingly competitive core category, we’ve catalyzed digital innovation through relentless collaboration.

Sephora - inactive

Our reputation for disruptive digital marketing in the beauty/cosmetics industry began with Sephora. SephoraClaus, our Simple, Smart, and Social digital innovation took the holidays, by social media storm. It was one of the first iconic brand programs that lived and breathed on Twitter, as we left a lasting impression upon consumers and the industry alike.

lebron - inactive

Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s not about winning but how you play the game. When we collaborated with The NY Knicks and youth basketball stars Jason and Corey to help them and millions of others shoot for LeBron with the push of the Lebron Button, we won over the hearts of basketball fans of all ages. NY<3 LeBron was our slam dunk of outright invention.

Undroppable - inactive

We’re passionate advocates for education reform and we believe in the power of of social innovation to drive meaningful change. Which is why we partnered with Jason Pollock, Sharon Chang, Adam McKay and Scooter Braun to create the first social media documentary, a movement and movie that aims to make every student UNDROPPABLE.


An ongoing partnership with Creative Time brought an opportunity to extend Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety” online. The giant sugar baby physical installation was sure to generate lots of photos from attendees, so what better way to freeze this historic occasion in time than through the pictures people took? One "sugar" pixel at a time we recreate the sugar baby in real-time.